Needs to gain weight

Today was a big day for our little Saan. Early in the morning I picked him up from the Ashdod family house and brought him directly to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. In his last Echo, doctors found out that Saan is too small to get his big switch surgery, so we admitted him today to the hospital. He shall gain weight there and maybe he can have the surgery then already next week.

The admission itself was actually pretty easy. The doctors needed Saan’s mother, coworker Hison and me to explain everything about Saan, from when the Iraqi doctors found out he has TGA, until why he even has to get admitted today. Then they measured Saan’s oxygen, he was crying a lot, so it was hard to even get some results, and two doctors took a small blood sample.That was the worst part for our little baby. You could barely see his veins so they needed three attempts to get enough blood. So after that he was almost drinking a whole bottle of milk and fell in a deep sleep.

It was good to see him get some rest after this exhausting morning. We had to wait for a room to get free anyway, so his mother and I were just chilling for a while.¬†She gave me the impression of calm today, as if she wasn’t scared at all of all the things that may come at her. I have huge respect for her, as she is always just taking the next step, taking it easy and isn’t rushing if it’s not necessary to do so. When she got her room in the pediatrics ward, she seemed to be fine with everything and maybe even happy with staying in the hospital.

I’m sure I will enjoy the next time with her. In the next few days, Saan just has to gain weight, and if he has success, maybe the surgery can already take place next week! Please pray that everything will go well from gaining weight, to a successful surgery to recovering well. May the Lord keep our little boy and his lovely mother safe.