Neena at the hospital

Today was Neena’s first cardiology appointment after her surgery. It was lovely to see her and her mum, who arrived later in the day than I. Neena’s mum always has a joy-filled spirit, and she looked very beautiful as we met in the outpatient clinic. Of course, Neena was also looking so pretty in her winter coat.

Neena did not enjoy the echo at all, and it took a lot of singing from her mum and me to convince her to lie still so they were able to get some good images of her heart.

The assessments today found that her oxygen saturation was a little bit lower than the doctor would have liked. We are hoping that maybe it was because she had been upset shortly before it was done, and that by the time she has her next appointment on Sunday she will be having a much better saturation.

Please keep praying for her health. Her mum is really diligent to ensure the very best for Neena, and what better care can we give to her than to pray for her recovery, her heart and her health.