Neurologist appointment

Rizhna had an appointment with a neurologist today at Sheba Medical Center. It was recommended by the cardiologist to see the neurologist before Rizhna’s heart surgery. The neurologist established that Rizhna has a developmental delay. She is five years old, but she is too small, she can’t talk and she barely eats normal food.

She will need genetics testing and a brain MRI. Especially the brain MRI is important before the heart surgery, so the doctors know how the brain looked before. If something goes wrong in the surgery, they are then able to see what the difference is.

Rizhna has a hard time right now in our community house. She doesn’t have symptoms that something is wrong, but she keeps crying all day long. She doesn’t sleep at all. Her mother is very tired and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Please pray for Rizhna. Please pray that we can find a solution for her sleeping problem. And pray for patience and peace for Rizhna’s mother.