Neurologist appointment today

Mohammed arrived from Gaza today for an appointment with the Neurologist at Sheba over concerns that he is experiencing problems with his brain functioning. The doctor asked Mohammed to execute some simple physical tests in his office, most of which he completed with ease. The most challenging task was standing up onto his feet from a seated position on the floor. The doctor recommended Mohammed get a CT scan for a more complete evaluation. His CT is yet to be scheduled, but he does have some more tests this Sunday.

This was my first time meeting Mohammed, and it was a pleasure to spend the day with him. The wait for Mohammed’s appointment was long, but it allowed us time to bond. Both of us had a similar haircut and were wearing all black, so his mother took a photo of us together. Both he and his mother were incredibly patient while we navigated the hospital and waited in the lobby. We are excited to be hosting them at the family home in Ashdod again while they wait for the CT.

Please be in prayer as we wait for answers from the doctors regarding Mohammed’s motor skills. He has already overcome many challenges related to his heart, so we pray God will continue paving his way toward complete health.