Neurology Appointment

Varin and her mother attended a follow-up appointment with the neurologist today at Sheba. The doctor was kind enough to take the time to answer many questions about Varin, who despite her beautiful, charismatic and joyful exterior is quite a complicated case medically to work with given her additional health problems. However, when I look at Varin, knowing just how remarkably different and complex she is, I am overwhelmed by what a miracle God had done in allowing her to be here with us.

The neurologist shared with us today that Varin has a problem with reduced white matter in her brain. This means that Varin is likely to develop skills like walking and talking at a slower rate than her same-aged peers. It is recommended Varin be supported by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists as she develops.

This is difficult news for mum so please pray for her. She is scared for what the future holds for Varin and whether she will stand out compared to others as she grows up. I was sad to realize today that so much of this fear is to due to the judgement of others. One thing I am confident in is that when Varin’s Father in Heaven looks upon her he does not see imperfection. He sees his beautiful daughter whom he loves so deeply. Please pray for Varin that she continues to develop all of her skills well. Pray for a life full of love and joy over this sweet family.