Never give up. There is hope.

There have been tremendous efforts on Shevet Achim’s behalf to make a solution for the emergency children from Gaza, who so desperately need to come to Israel for a heart surgery. When there seems to be no hope, God opens doors. We see it over and over again, and it always makes me humble.

Co-worker Margarita and I went to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem to see one of the children, Kamala, who came by ambulance from Gaza. The grandmother and the baby had arrived just a little while before we came; she seemed relieved to be there.

I understand her, for big efforts were done immediately for her grandchild. They cannulized her, she was on oxygen, and they made an echo of the heart. It was horrible to see the little one in this state, but I’m happy to know she is in good hands of the doctors, but most of all, in the hands of God.
Please lift up precious little Kamala in your prayers, also pray for the doctors, that they make the next right decisions.