Never lose hope

Once again today, Maryam was discharged from Sheba hospital.

Some miracles comes in an instant, others takes place over time. As for me, I have seen the steady transformation in Maryam’s little body over time, and I give God all the glory.

Six months ago I saw Maryam for the first time, and it struck me how blue her skin was. It had a color that is common for children with these kinds of heart problems, but today when I met her in the hospital, a “Hallelujah” came spontaneously over my lips.

Her skin color was like that of a healthy child, and I couldn’t hear any strange sounds while she was breathing. Some time ago, approximately seven months, you could hear something when she breathed, but today I was told that her oxygen level is at 90 now, and it made me so happy.

She has gone through a lot of hardships, this precious little Maryam. But now I can see the positive results after all the struggle. When I looked into the eyes of her mother today, I was drowning in the joy and gratefulness that I saw them filled with, and once again the praise came over my lips, “Hallelujah!”

Thank you for keeping Maryam and her family back in Kurdistan in your prayers. She and her mother are eagerly waiting to go home to them.