New beginnings, Mohammed S first Echo

Today Mohammed S had his first Echo assessment. Mohammed’s mother has a very calm and quiet  personality, as well as Mohammed. The first day at the hospital for a new parent is a very decisive and important time. I try my best to explain to them where everything is and how things work at the hospital. It is a completely new experience for most of the parents, for some it is the first time they have ever been outside of their own countries. Mohammed´s mother was able to meet and spend special time with two of our Kurdish mothers who are also presently at the hospital with their children. Mohammed S was very calm during the Echo-cardiogram procedure.

The Cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis of  Uni- cuspid Valve Stenosis. The Doctor said that maybe they can open the valve with a balloon procedure, but it could be dangerous and he said also that it is better to repair the valve or change it in surgery.They may have to replace the valve.

The information will be shared with the rest of the doctors. Then they will decide and let us know. Please remember to pray for Mohammed S and his mother, their journey is just starting.