New Records

Ozhen had his first echo after his surgery today. During the drive and also the waiting time he was doing really well and was happy just playing on his own. His echo passed very quickly and we also didn’t have to wait that long for the doctor this time.

It was very good news. Ozhen set up some new records: he wasn’t just recovering really fast from his surgery and could be discharged after only 4 days, he also had an extremely good echo without any fluids and the doctor said it’s also okay if he would come already in 3 weeks for the next and probably last echo. His mum was also very pleased with those news.

So let’s thank God so much for Ozhen’s blessed and fast progress! Please pray that Ozhen will have also a good next echo and that both of them, the mum and her son, will still have a good time here at Shevet where they can experience Gods love and goodness.