No Answers Yet

A hopeful mother came to the hospital today with happy little Birhat for an echo. As we waited, we looked at photos of him as a newborn baby, so blue and ill looking, and compared how he is now. The photos are shocking, and the transformation is remarkable; his skin is a beautiful healthy colour now, and he seems full of life.

His mother was full of love for Birhat, his older brother and her husband, as we looked through her photos. She is just 20 years old, but her heart is full for her family. She handles everything here with confidence and maturity, and is very well liked by all the families and volunteers here at Shevet. She cares for everyone, and is a great mum.

The echo today, showed that sadly Birhat’s heart still has a problem with the right pulmonary artery. The doctor was concerned to send him back to Kurdistan without first discussing his images with his colleagues. Potentially Birhat would need a further intervention before going home to address this.

So we need to pray for Birhat and his mum. Firstly to praise God for making a beautiful family and showing them his healing and goodness. Secondly to lift them up and ask for God to open the doors for Birhat; that there will be an answer soon about the plan for Birhat, and for continued healing. Nothing is impossible for God.