No need for the ECMO machine today!

Today at Sheba Children’s Hospital, when I went into the room of cute little Akar and his lovely mother, she was peacefully sitting on her hospital bed next to him. I’m always impressed with mothers like her who are genuinely peaceful and calm and trust in God in the situations which are not easy. She is a a big role model for me in her conduct. She wanted me to ask the doctors how her beloved Akar is doing, since they told her that if he’s not improving they have to put him on the ECMO.

So I asked the doctors and was thankful to God for the answer they gave me. Akar is doing a bit better and for now there is no need for him to be connected to the ECMO. Thank you for your prayers for him. His mother took this with the same peacefulness and was glad I could translate for her.

Your prayers are still much appreciated and needed.