No results of liver biopsy as yet

Despite the language barriers associated with visiting parents or other relatives in hospital, it is always nice to visit them and communicate with them in some way. When co-worker Carina and I visited little Mohammed and his loving great aunt today, she was happy to tell us that Mohammed has gained weight. He is now eating a little on his own, but is still mainly fed through the nasal tube.

Every time we visit her, she is very happy about it and offers us to sit down. This time, too, she asked how everyone was doing back at the community house and that we should send them her love. This extremely kind woman is filled with God’s love and patience.

The results of the liver biopsy done for Mohammed are not in yet. The only thing Mohammed’s great aunt told us was that the blood in his liver artery was clotted. This can possibly be solved with medicine. The VSD has thankfully become smaller and therefore his heart can now supply the body with blood better than it could before.

However, your prayers are still needed for precious little Mohammed, that the results of the liver biopsy will come quickly and that the doctors will know what is wrong with Mohammed, as his coloring is yellowish. Thank you for your prayers.