No second surgery yet

Rohat had an MRI in Sheba hospital on Sunday because he was weak and it took him longer than it should usually take a child to wake up after his surgery.

Today the results of this MRI scan have been discussed with Rohat’s mother. The neurologist said that Rohat’s neurological development is not in the condition of a normal three month old child, they suspected as much but confirmed it today. The doctors do not yet know if it is a temporary or permanent problem.

However, he has improved in the last two days.  They still want to keep Rohat in the hospital and continue to monitor how he develops. It is important now to give him time and it needs to be silent in his room and not too much light. Rohat still needs to have his second heart surgery at around two months, but for now it is not urgent.

It was one of the first times today that I saw this cute boy awake after his surgery. He is a really sweet boy with beautiful eyes. His mother is a lovely and funny woman and is by Rohat’s side all the time as she doesn’t want to leave him alone. She is taking the best care of her beloved son. In general, she is a good-minded and it is nice to spend time with her. She is quite worried about Rohat’s neurological condition and therefore not so happy anymore.

Please pray for her to trust in God in the whole situation and for Rohat to recover well.