No success

Saif underwent a bronchoscopy yesterday and again today. Both times doctors tried to take out his tracheostomy, but without success. Saif’s mother didn’t know how to feel. She is happy her son is still okay, but she is longing for a time where her son can live without his tracheostomy. The reason it failed is probably because his airpipe above the tracheostomy closed up over the years. No air can go from his mouth and nose through his airpipe to the lungs.

Tomorrow, Saif will have a CT-scan and then the doctors will decide what to do. They’re thinking about a bigger surgery to open the airpipe and then taking out the tracheostomy. A nurse gave Saif a cool doll as a gift because he was so brave. He also enjoyed a meal after a day of fasting for the procedure. Please pray for Saif. It is a long road. But we believe that God can do anything.