No Tears at First Assessment in Israel

After a good rest last night and meeting the rest of the Shevet families, little Shakar, just ten months old, had his first echo assessment today.

Shakar has Down Syndrome and is really small. He suffers from a complex congenital defect: “Single AV valve, medium ASD and mild pulmonary hypertension.” This is not very easy to understand for many of us, but what is important is that the Lord opened this door for him to be here in this very special time.

It was amazing but Shakar did not cry when the technician was doing the echo and  other tests.

Later one of the cardiologists came and read the echo and told us that without a diagnostic cath they can not do a surgery. After a few minutes the doctor confirmed that they want to do the cath already tomorrow. It was a good surprise for all of us.

The hospital staff is amazing, always trying to  help with all the paper work. We had to wait for the rooms to be ready before the admission so we took the kids down to the music room and they were so happy.

Please pray for comfort for Shakar’s mother and for the cath tomorrow.