Noor can return to Kurdistan

Although officially discharged, precious little Noor went to Sheba hospital today for an echo. This was the last echo for Noor here in Israel.  The doctor was very pleased with the echo results, stating they were excellent. Noor’s mother was very happy with this news. It is amazing what God has done in Noor’s little life so far.

During the echo, it was quite difficult to keep Noor calm. She is known to move a lot during echos, and in keeping with that tradition, two of us had to keep hold of Noor during the procedure. But that worked out well. Noor’s mother also helped to distract Noor by showing her a cell-phone video.

Praise the Lord for this good recovery. May Noor continue to be well back in Kurdistan. There she will need another echo after one month and some follow-up. She is presently officially discharged without any medicine.

When we were about to leave the hospital, one of the Kurdish father’s currently in the hospital with his daughter, joined us and was very happy to see Noor. He loves all the children and is always chatting with them when they are in the hospital. This is such a blessing to see.