Noor is reunited with her family

Last Wednesday we had Noor’s farewell party before she was flying back to Kurdistan on Thursday morning. Based on the surgical results, she will not need another operation in the future and is also without any medication to aid in her heart function. Our Jaffa co-workers drove to our Jerusalem guesthouse to join us in the farewell party for Noor.

We broke the Ramadan fast with the Kurdish families before sharing words of encouragement and recalling fun memories with Noor and her mum. It was a lovely farewell party and Noor’s mother was very happy and thankful for everything that the Lord has done for her and Noor. She also expressed her thanks to Sheba hospital and for all at Shevet Achim.

The communion we shared with each other was lovely and I’m glad and thankful to the Lord that we can be part of this. In moments like this, when we sit around the table all together, I always think how beautiful it is that even though we are all from different countries and speak different languages there is still the love for each other that is connecting us and Jesus Christ himself is present in this moments

After beautiful Noor opened her gifts (see the beautiful shirt she is wearing), all of us went out to buy ice cream nearby. Jaffa street, where we bought the ice cream, was crowded; the train service had stopped and you could hear loud music and see people dancing everwhere. It was the beginning of the celebration of the Memorial day on Thursday. All of the families loved it and they took many pictures and videos. Noor’s mother said “It’s my last night, we have to go!”

So early on Thursday morning, I had the privilege to bringing beautiful Noor and her mother to the airport. It was time to be reunited with their family back in Kurdistan. When one of the families leaves, I always look on it with one eye crying because they really feel like our family in the time that they are here, and we miss them when they have left, but the other eye is happy because I know that they will be reunited with their own family soon. It is amazing what God is doing with all these families. Praise him for this and that the beautiful Noor and her mother are now reunited with their family back in Kurdistan.