Noora’s Big Day

Today, after a long wait, Noora finally received her surgery. In the doorway to the operating room, Noora was still really unconcerned. With her childish happiness and curiosity she explored her new surroundings and had fun, as you can see in the picture.


When the surgery were about to begin and her grandmother had to leave her, she became very worried. During all the time waiting, she cried a lot and prayed more frequently. And then, after a few hours, the surgeons came and told us good news! The surgery went well and Noora probably won’t need any more surgeries for her heart. Her grandmother was really full of praise, kissing and hugging everyone. She also spoke a thankful blessing over Shevet and everyone contributing to this organization. What a blessing to serve such grateful people!

Please thank God, but also pray for the next 24 hours to go well.