Not a boring moment with Aya

Almost one month after her open-heart surgery, our big girl Aya was again in the Sheba Hospital today. She had a control-echo of her heart.  The doctor was very caring over Aya and answered every question from her mother.  The echo showed Aya’s heart works very well and she can fly back home to Kurdistan.

We were not long waiting for the echo appointment. Nevertheless, Aya is so full of energy now, she couldn’t sit quietly. She was playing with another Kurdish baby who came today with co-worker Sabrina and I to the hospital. There wasn’t a boring moment with Aya. Praise the Lord, she doesn’t have any pain in her leg anymore either. So she could run and jump around.

Thank you so much for all your prayers! This beautiful girl can happily return home. What a wonderful experience! All glory to our Heavenly Father!