Not a Happy Girl 

As you can see from the photo, our precious Noora is in a body cast after a successful surgery yesterday on her hip. She spent the night in the ICU for monitoring, but she was moved down to the general ward as the hospital are so pleased with how she is doing. The staff are not really able to share the specific news of how she is doing, but they were able to say that generally she is doing fine.

In herself, Noora was very miserable, and Grandma says she isn’t really eating very much. She cried during my time visiting her, but even so, it was so nice to see them both. Grandma seems much better now all the tears are over.

We don’t have a time frame yet for her to be discharged, but please pray for her recovery, and also that Noora will be able to cope well with the new challenge of the cast, which is going from her chest, all the way down one leg and to above her knee on the other.