Not able to cry

In the morning today, I dopped co-workers Carina and Moshe off at Sheba hospital and they wrote the following.

It was cold and the mother added a blanket for the baby. Saif is a lovely boy, he looked around and waved with his little hands. We went to check how his tracheostomy tube is. When we got to the doctor, he checked and said that the cannula looks good and that it is normal to have fluids there from time to time. All the nurses in the department enjoyed seeing little Saif and greeted him warmly. Then Sebastian came to pick up little Saif for the van ride back to Gaza.

When I put Saif in the car-seat, he started crying but because of the tube he‘s not able to really cry, you can just hear a loud gasping which made me feel pity. Please continue to pray for him and his tracheostomy tube. He will come again for evaluation in two months.