Not alone


A little miracle, there are nobetter words that could describe little Fathi’s life.  Today I had the privilege of spending time with this miracle baby. For many days we weren’t able to go into Fathi’s room. Today however, as we were allowed in, this little boy stole my heart.

Even though he is cabled up on machines, Fathi opened his eyes.  I looked at him. I did not only see a cute small face, I saw strength. A strength to fight for life. I was struck by how strong this baby has been fighting. And I wasn’t the only one who saw this strength: one of the amazing nurses smiled at him and said “strong boy” as she was doing her work around him. The doctor mentioned his strength as well and I saw how much these people were fighting for him.

The love that the staff pours out on Fathi is deeply touching. Fathi is not alone in his fight even though he has to master the rounds on his own. There are many people in his corner that cheer for him. As I sat down next to him, I told him this exact thing, that he was not fighting alone.

Beautiful Fathi’s situation is deteriorating but the fight is not over, so please be in Fathi’s corner and pray for him!