Not alone

Archie and I visited baby Fathi today. This was Archie’s first time meeting him, and the first time I had seen him since he had the surgery. Archie was struck by how tiny he was, and we both found that we were able to stand by his side for quite some time in peaceful silence. He had one little eye just about open and occasionally wrinkled his nose and face. We were sad to see how his little body was looking so tired and purplish-blue. His thick black hair has started to fall out, leaving a covering over his bed sheet.

The doctors and nurses were so kind as they asked whether we had been in contact with the family. We are all hopeful that someone will be able to come and spend these coming days with Fathi. It must be so difficult for his mum to have left a part of her heart here in Israel, as she is at home with her other babies.

Please pray for this lovely boy, and for his family at this difficult time.