Not alone on surgery day

Today our precious baby Motasem was taken to surgery. Because of the virus situation right now only the closest family members are allowed to enter the ICU to keep the infection risk as low as possible. So Almuth and I were outside in the waiting area and video calling the mum while the nurses prepared Motasem for his surgery.

While we waited with the mum she seemed to be only a little bit nervous and anxious. Next to us in the waiting area a huge family gathered, all crying. As we found out they had just lost their child. It was heartbreaking to see them. Motasem’s mother felt very sorry for them but she didn’t show any sign that the situation made her worrying more about her son. She just said: “They are here all together as a family, but I am all alone.”

“But now we are your sisters, we are your family” Almuth answered.

In the afternoon the mum got the call that the surgery was finished. When she received this news she fell around our necks shouting “Praise God! Praise God!” She was so relieved and ran into the ICU to see her beloved son. Obviously she had been more worried than we thought.

Doctors reported that the surgery to switch Motasem’s great arteries was successful, and they hope he can now live a normal life without any further intervention.

Please pray with us that Motasem’s mother can know that she is not alone. That our heavenly Father is not only holding her son but also her. Even when her family is not with her and we might not be able to visit her regularly because of the corona restrictions, God is with this cute baby and his sweet mother.