Not feeling good

When I visited Liya today, she didn’t look that good to me. It’s a long time ago since I saw her the last time, so I was really surprised how much she grew but even more how thin she looked. It was really hard to see how she was struggling, crying and moving with her thin body in bed. She wasn’t happy and was crying a lot. The nurse had told me that she had a desaturation and now needs oxygen support again.

Today, Liya had a CT and a bronchoscopy to find out why her oxygen levels were so low. Because Liya is not doing so well, her mother is also very devastated. She was crying today several times. It must be hard for her right now, so please keep praying for her. I was only a short time with them and even for me it was hard to see Liya like this. How much harder must it be for her mother to see her little one in such a condition.

Please pray for Liya that she will be better soon and that her mother can be a bit more relaxed.