Not for a minute was I forsaken

The song Lisa had played during our car journey to the hospital kept going round and round in my head. Some days these words feel easy to sing – they feel natural and almost effortless – I don’t even stop to think about them, but on days like today I find myself stumbling over them.

The Mustafa we know at Shevet is the caring, funny, “full-of-life” Mustafa. He’s always up for adventures to the ice cream shop, a Christmas market or a picnic by the beach. It’s humbled me to see the way he takes care of the younger children as if they were his own brothers and sisters. Watching them smile when he walks into a room or picks them up is beautiful.

Standing by his bed in the ICU feels strange. Today, the medical team had extubated him when we got there, but had to reintubate him later – they are going to try again tomorrow. Although he has a long way to go, the good news is that he’s improving. His doctor assured us this morning thats he’s better than yesterday.
Nevertheless it’s hard to see Mustafa like this – he feels like a brother to us at Shevet.

As I sat with Mustafa’s mother, these thoughts flying round my head at 240km/h, the words of the song came to mind again.

“Not for a minute was I forsaken…”

Not for a minute has Mustafa been forsaken – not for a single minute. God has heard and hears the prayers all over the world for this precious young man. He has been there in every moment of Mustafa’s journey and is there even in the middle of the ICU room. The words of this songs are not just nice words to sing when the sun is shining, but they tell us of a truth we can cling to for Mustafa.

“Not for a minute was I forsaken
The Lord in in this place”