Not improving

Yousif spoke with the doctor today and got an update about Rafif’s condition. She has been in the hospital for many months now. The doctor explained that her body is struggling, and her condition is deteriorating, including a problem with her kidneys.  At the moment, they are monitoring her condition, but if there is no change, they would start to prepare to send her back home to a hospital in Gaza. One of the steps involved with this would be to give her a tracheostomy. Rafif’s grandma understood the information, and was quite upset today. She has stood by her grand daughter for all these months and it feels like she is desperately trying to make it through until another family member can replace her as Rafif’s guardian. It has been so tiring and she has given her very best to this beautiful girl.  It seems a sad situation for Rafif, and her grandma shed some tears today. Please pray that she and Rafif will both know the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit at this time.