Not One Escapes His Notice

We arrived at the hospital just after baby Aram had gone in for surgery; her father did not seem anxious, but at ease as he strolled around the hospital. However as the hours wore on he eagerly awaited seeing his beautiful daughter again. We waited for the last half hour in the room the nurses prepared for her in the ICU, and  one moment the two of were sitting conversing about our families and then the next moment, a rush of doctors and nurses swept in pushing the very hospital bed where Aram lay.

The surgeon told her father in Arabic that the surgery went well, but after she was disconnected, her blood pressure dropped. We then were asked to go to the waiting room while the nurses got her set up in her new room. During that time we were in the ICU waiting room, Birhat’s mother came in and brought us juice to drink and biscuits to eat in celebration of Aram’s successful surgery. I listened as Aram’s father spoke tenderly to his other children over video chat; I saw how good of a father he is, and was reminded of our Father in heaven who tenderly cares for each of us, who overlooks no one not even a tiny, sick refugee baby. God is faithful to see Aram through her surgery and also through the recovery process. Please join us in thanking Jesus for her positive surgery outcome and continuation of intercession for her healing, as she is on 100 percent oxygen and two medications to keep her blood pressure up.