Not quite ready to leave Israel

Mir’s mum has realized that the end is in sight for a while. She is a very thorough person and wants to make sure all her questions are put at peace before returning to Kurdistan. Happily, a Kurdish friend of our community was able to come along and translate everything for her at the hospital today, so I think she was feeling that peace to have had her worries laid to rest concerning Mir’s heart.

Mir had the full array of tests, and the doctor still wanted to arrange two further tests for Mir, and re-start one of his medications. The tests will go ahead this week. After this, we are hopeful that Mir will be able to return home in a good condition.

For me there were some interesting things extracted from today:

First, there has clearly been weight gain on Mir’s percentile graph. He has been severely underweight, but since his surgery, the curve of his graph is turning to a sharp upward because he is gaining weight at a better rate. The pacemaker is really helping Mir’s little body to function better.

Second, Mir does not need to have the heart surgery until he is 15kg.  As he is currently only about 5kg, he has a lot of growing to do.

Third, the pacemaker battery should last more than six years until it needs to be replaced.

It sounds like everything is looking good for Mir to return home. His mum is feeling quietly confident, and it seems we need to squeeze the most we can out of these next days together because it is quite possible these two could return to Kurdistan soon with a newly healthy boy!