Not very happy admission

This morning we got a message from the hospital that Sarjon will finally have his surgery tomorrow and we have to bring him for his admission. It was great news to his mother who was waiting for this since a long time now.

At ten, Luisa and Lena brought our good friends to the hospital, where after a little bit, I took over his admission. After an ECG, we went downstairs to do his x-ray and later we waited for his room in the ICU where they did some more tests. Sarjon wasn’t very happy about all of this and told us that we wants to go back to Ashdod and our community dog Shevie. He was crying a lot, and especially when they wanted to do his blood test, he was screaming so hard that they had to give him sedation.

In the end, Sarjon didn’t want to let us go and cried again cause he wanted to come with us. Sarjon will have his surgery tomorrow morning at 8 and his mom is getting nervous about it.

It is a difficult surgery and we all pray that this will go well as Sarjon and his mom became such dear friends to us and we love them so much! Thank you for joining us in prayer!