Nothing is Impossible!

Today was a complete joy to see our beautiful Zhya sitting on his bed in the ICU and smiling like always. I really have no words to describe my happiness when I saw him. I was so thankful to God for Zhya’s life. He is a real miracle – his surgery had a large chance of having many complications, but today God reminded me that He is bigger than anything. He is God, He is real, and he loves his children.

His mom was very happy; when she saw me she gave me a big hug and a beautiful smile. A few days ago he was extubated and he was doing well. Today he is going to be moved to the secondary ICU.

Please keep our handsome Zhya and his Mom in your prayers. Pray for completely healing and a fast return to Kurdistan with his mom. Also join with me in giving thanks to God for this miracle, and also remember that nothing is impossible – nothing!