Number 1 patient

Medical staff, including doctors and nurses at Schneider Children’s Medical Center, could not allow Farooq’s discharge to Jaffa today to proceed without a special send-off ceremony. He is seen above with a delighted smile over his new lease on life and his chance to finally step foot out of this hospital where he’s been confined since entering Israel.

First, they had him step up on this painted wooden platform. It had the number one on it, proclaiming Farooq to be the number one patient extraordinaire, who passed with flying colors!

Next, they placed a medal around his neck and handed him a certificate of successful high-risk surgery completion.

Then they clapped and cheered for him. A nurse of roughly 15 years at the hospital said this was unprecedented; she’d never seen such a successful, clean-cut recovery before from such a high-risk pool.

Finally, Farooq handed out single roses, at least three dozen of them, to all the medical staff on the floor, handing two or three to particularly kind nurses.

Farooq will spend about a week at our community home in Jaffa, enjoying walks on the beach with his father, sampling some of the home-cooking of our Kurdish moms, and getting to know our loving Shevet staff, until he is called back to the hospital for a follow-up and possible discharge back to Kurdistan.

Thank you for your prayers for this special number one patient.