Off the ECMO machine

When we saw Salwa’s mother today, one of the other Kurdish parents remarked that you don’t need to ask how Salwa is, just look at her mum’s face and you’ll know. While Salwa still has a long road ahead, like the doctor reiterated today, her mother truly is beaming now that her precious girl is off of the ECMO machine and in a better condition than she was two days ago.

The doctors are beginning to plan for extubation, but first the sedation must be slowly decreased as she has been on it for an extended period of time. Please continue to pray for her life.

I would also like to say that Salwa’s mother waited the entire six hours in Sheba hospital with another Kurdish mother whose daughter had surgery today; in the midst of her own baby’s stormy recovery, Salma’s mother has shown incredible compassion and devotion to her friends. I’ve often thought it is easy to serve others when everything is okay with you, but it is a wholly different thing to serve others in the midst of your own crisis, and yet that is exactly what Salwa’s mother did today.