Omar discharged to Jaffa for now

Our little Omar is now threeweeks and three days old. When I look at him I can’t believe that every human was as small as this tiny little boy is, once in their lifetime. It’s so hard to imagine.

The lovely mother of this little boy is a very quiet and calm mother. When I went into her hospital room today,  she was staying silently at Omar’s side, looking at him with a lot of love on her face. I love to see the parents we visit when they are glowing with this unbelievable love they have for their little children. Even though I can’t communicate with her very well, I can tell how much she loves him just by her countenance.

Omar had an echo-cardiogram and when all was ready, Omar and his mother were discharged to Jaffa.  Co-worker Sebastian collected them from the hospital and brought them to our community house. When they arrived, we all enjoyed a lovely community time together with the other families. A delicious dinner was cooked by some of the mothers who are staying with us at the moment.

Omar’s mother knows how to inject the Clexane for her little boy by herself now. We are thankful for that. The doctor wants to see Omar and his mother in one week again for another Echo. During the following week we will have a good time together and enjoy having them with us. Your prayers for this precious little boy and his calm mother are still much appreciated.