On her way

Our cute Shan is recovering very well at Hadassah Hospital. Her mother was very happy today to call her family and show them how well Shan is doing. Shan’s breathing has been a bit labored, and she sometimes has a bit of difficulty breathing, but her nurse said that this is normal after being intubated, and that her breathing should normalize after a couple of days.

Shan is still on nasal oxygen, not because she has any problem in her heart, but to help her breathe more normally. The doctor told us that Shan’s most recent echo showed a small hole in her heart, but that it will not need surgery and will most likely close on it’s own as Shan grows.

Today, Shan’s arms were swaddled tightly to her sides because she doesn’t like having the bandage on her chest and always tries to tear it off. She isn’t particularly happy about being bound in this way, but she always calmed down when her mother stroked her head and spoke quietly to her. Praise God for her good improvement!

Please pray that her breathing will improve, and that Shan can soon come off of nasal oxygen.