On her way to getting better

Today I met Liya and her mother together with a doctor and some nurses in the hallway of Sheba Hospital on their way to a CT via ambulance. I accompanied them for a short time and talked to Liya’s mother a little. It was really good to see that Liya is finally getting a little better. The doctor confirmed that and even said she is slowly waking up. When coworker Lena and I visited her today and held her hands for a short while, she moved a little and we saw that she was recognizing us.

The doctors still have to wait for the results of the CT, but said that the EEG which Liya had yesterday looked good. They couldn’t find any evidence of seizures which is really relieving.

Please continue to pray for them. Hopefully Liya can wake up soon and begin improving, step by step. We are thankful that she is doing so and we’re also thankful for her mom who is so strongly standing by her side the whole time.