On the mend!

by Reba Jones

Rovar is recovering nicely from surgery.

His energy level is high, and he seems to be in good spirits. We spent some time playing with his toy helicopter and enjoyed tossing the ball around his room.

Alexa, Julie, and I had tea with Rovar’s mother while she expressed her great appreciation for all that Shevet is doing for them. Because Shevet Achim does not typically assist with neurological surgeries and procedures, Rovar’s mother is especially thankful. Rovar’s mother reports that he had a mild headache this morning requiring pain reliever but has not complained of pain since then. Joy showed evidently on Rovar’s face when he was able to video chat with his family during our visit.

He spoke with both his sisters and his father. Rovar’s sisters are 14 and 10 years old and were sharing with us about their current studies in multiple languages. Our visit with Rovar finished with him playing some American music on his iPad; which his mom informed us he much prefers over Kurdish music. We had a last laugh as we danced around a bit before saying our goodbyes for today.