Onaees’ surgery successful today

After September, a month of the Jewish holidays, the first day of October brought Onaees his surgery. When Co-worker Bria, Tabea and I went to Sheba hospital this morning to see Onaees, he was about to enter into his surgery.

He loves his mother a lot and enjoyed the cuddles he got before going into the surgery room. She enjoyed it as well, and kissed and hugged him deeply when she had to give her beloved son to the nurses, knowing that she had to trust them now.

After around four hours, Onaees’ surgeon exited the surgery and told us that everything went well. Shortly after that, Onaees was rolled out of surgery. He is still intubated but was already waking up after a few hours.

Some of the other Kurdish parents who were also in hospital with their little ones, joined us during our waiting time. It was nice for Onaees’ mother to get at least a bit of distraction from her thoughts.

When I saw Onaees’ mother looking at him with love and concern in her eyes, and trying to comfort him, Isaiah 66,13 came into my mind: “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” Isaiah 66:13 ESV

Thank you for lifting Onaees up in your prayers.