One in a million

Sarjon had his second echo today. He was under sedation so the doctors could take all the time they needed to gather information about his heart. When they started, just a few doctors were present, but over time, seven doctors were in the room to look at his Echocardiogram. After a while they switched to a 3D Echo to get an even better understanding of his heart.

Through all this, Sarjon was so calm and giggled every now and then. This helped to calm his worried mother.

After the echo, the doctor explained what they found. Sarjon has a very rare condition called an AP Window. That means that his Aorta and Pulmonary artery are connected through a little hole. This condition is so rare that is occurs for 0.1% of all congenital heart defect patients. Because it’s so rare, his doctors in Kurdistan didn’t find it and now he’s very late for treatment.

The Sheba Hospital staff decided to take him for a diagnostic catheterisation and some other tests in the following days and then decide together if he’s a candidate for surgery. Pray for Sarjon, this little happy boy and his family in this uncertain time. Pray for the doctors consulting on his case as they don’t see this condition often. We thank the Lord that it’s now clear what Sarjon has and a plan can now be made.