One More Month

Today we took our sweet Saida and his mom to the hospital for a follow-up with his cardiologist. Mom was a little anxious to know how many kilos her precious baby has gained this past week. During our waiting at the hospital he fell asleep in my arms; but before going to sleep he gave us a lot of smiles. He is so lovely.

Finally they called us. They performed an ECG, and he cried a little but the nurse who performed it was very nice with him. She tried to talk with him and he gave her lots of smiles! She also took his vital signs and of course she weighed him. He gained 100 grams this week and 300 grams in the last 2 weeks; Mom wasn’t completely happy as she had hoped for more than that.

After they finished the echo he cried again but we tried to sing, talk and feed him to calm him down. When the doctor came she was really happy about his progress; his echo was good and he is gaining weight. I was very happy that Tara was with us and she was able to translate everything between Mom and the doctor. We told the doctor every concern and question that Mom had but the doctor thinks that he is going to be ready soon for his surgery and that he is doing well.  His follow-up is going to be in one month and in two days he will have a nutrition appointment.

Please pray for Mom, Saida and their family in Kurdistan in this time of waiting. I know that waiting is not easy, but the timing of God is perfect. Please also pray that both have a good time in our house, that the waiting will go by quickly, and that he can gain weight faster that we think.