One step at a time

Our little champion Asmaa stepped into her new life today. As she was able to take the first steps after the surgery, she smiled exhausted but happy.

Entering Asmaa’s hospital room, I found Asmaa laying in bed starring at the small TV in her room. The look on her face was hard to interpret but it was definitely not a joyful smile. My attempts to make her smile only achieved a tired glance from Asmaa. Asmaa’s grandma greeted me joyfully, but the joy couldn’t hide the worry for Asmaa. Still there was great news coming just a few minutes away.

One of the nurses told me that Asmaa has been doing very well. I smiled at the grandma and she had a beautiful huge smile on her face as well. The nurse looked at Asmaa and suggested taking a walk. I couldn’t smile any wider and I was just incredibly happy that Asmaa would already be able to walk again. The nurse removed Asmaa’s oxygen mask and off we went. Asmaa took these first steps with a small smile and a lot of courage. Every nurse in the ICU applauded and cheered for her which gave Asmaa strength to handle a walk around the ICU. All of us cheered and supported her with everything we had.

The medical staff pours so much love and affection into our children which is beautiful to witness and it is such a privilege to work with them. The nurse walking with Asmaa also learned a few Kurdish words and was able to communicate with her. He didn’t leave her side and made sure she was not overworking herself. Seeing Asmaa taking these steps made me so happy and proud. These steps are great steps in her process of healing and Asmaa took these courageously. After her walk we sat Asmaa back on her bed and she laid down to rest from this amazing achievement.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not grow faint. Isaiah 40,31