Only good

Today Mohammed came to Sheba Medical Center for a pre-cath check up. His virus from two weeks ago has gotten much better and so he was deemed well enough to undergo the catheterization. He was able to get the explanation of what they hope to do in the cath, and also could speak with one of the doctors doing the procedure.

His main hope and prayer is that he won’t have to endure the swelling in his stomach and legs anymore; we pray for him to come through the catheterization feeling better than ever.

I was reminded of what of the cath doctors said when they decided to do this procedure instead of a surgery: “this is very important, we only want to do good here.” Mohammed is very ready to have the cath, and can know that he is not only in very capable hands, but very diligent and compassionate ones, too.

We pray only good will be done in his life.