Only two weeks ago

Only two weeks ago I left Israel for a short vacation with my family and had beautiful Liya in my arms shortly before I left. She was smiling and seemed to be so good. I heard what was going on in the last weeks with Liya and every day I just prayed that I can see her again on this earth.

Today I was able to finally visit Liya. I was so happy to see her and her wonderful mother again but it was so hard to see Liya in her present condition. She has bruises all over her body, a little tube from her dialysis coming out of her abdomen and it seemed like everything was so exhausting for her. Even though she is on a ventilator it seems like she is having trouble breathing. Her eyes were opened a little bit but she didn’t recognize what’s going on around her. What a difference to the smiling happy girl she was just two weeks ago.

It hurts to see her suffering like this. Her mother told me that one of Liya’s lungs collapsed today but we need to talk to a doctor tomorrow to confirm what’s exactly going on. Today they just told us they want to do another MRI and then have a meeting about what’s best for her.

God at this point we can only pray for grace. You know what’s best for Liya. You have good plans for her. Please give all her doctors wisdom and don’t let her suffer! Please be with her wonderful mom and give her what she needs.