I was really exited to see Shahad again today as I haven’t seen her since she left the Jerusalem Guesthouse. She and her dear aunt greeted us warmly.

We spent a lot of time playing and laughing together.

Lisa and I discovered that Shahad not only copies Ruth’s gestures but she also imitates our language. In her time in Israel she has already picked up a lot of English. She is much quicker with learning English than we are with Arabic. But in the same way, she is also imitating sounds like “oops!” which she says frequently. It’s funny when you suddenly hear a child speaking with your words.

Later Shahad spontaneously had an Echo. She is a very brave girl. During the Echo she made faces and just enjoyed herself.

Her aunt was hoping to return home to Gaza today. Since this is not the case, she is a bit sad and disappointed. She is really missing her family. Please pray that they can go home soon!