Open Heart

Asil had her surgery yesterday. It was a long, difficult, and complicated process, and by the end of it, the doctors had to leave her chest open–even now it is open, carefully covered and protected. I was struck by the smallness and delicacy of this newborn, not three weeks old. Praise God that we have such tools with which to fight for her.

Her parents are effusive in their thanks, and Asil’s father eagerly offers to help us in any way, as he says we have helped him. He has a generous heart, and he opens it up to us even as his daughter lies open. I told him that all this work comes from God, and together we thanked our Father.

The doctors told us that Asil is very sick and very unwell–she is presently the most precarious of all the ICU children. All the same they are hopeful and think she is going in a good direction. Pray for the healing and preservation of this beautiful little girl!