Opening her eyes a little bit

I was really surprised to see Hazhin today as I didn’t expect her to open her eyes and blink with all heavy sedation medication she is getting. She was under many blankets with all possible supporting devices around her. Two heaters make sure that she’s not too cold, the dialysis machine helps supporting her weak kidneys, the ventilator helps her breathe and the many medications are suspended by dispensers. In between this much noisy technology, lies our beautiful Hazhin always with her caring father by her side. I got to hold her tiny hand and spend some time with her today. Every time her father said her name I could feel her little fingers clenching like she wanted to show us that she’s still fighting so hard for her life. One time it even looked like she was smiling but maybe that was just our imagination tricking us. A nurse later told us that there’s actually not really any improvement from the last days because her kidneys are very weak and the dialysis doesn’t help enough with reducing the liquid in her body.

Although Hazhin is in a very critical state we can still trust in the Lord that he has a good plan and knows what is going to happen. Hazhin isn’t interacting so much with us right now but she is so loved by many people that even the thought of her beautiful smile brings me some hope.

Siblings in Christ come together in prayer for our precious Hazhin and her family. We pray that our God protects her and gives strength to her family, especially her father. Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors treating her. We can thank the Lord that we are able to come together as a community to bless this wonderful girl and give to her at least a little bit of the love our father in heaven has for her.