Today Noora, her grandmother and I had a long day over on the other side of the Sheba campus to normal visiting the opthamology centre. Praise God, Noora, all things considered really coped well with waiting for a great deal of time between seeing nurses doctors, opticians and opthamologist.

The conclusion from the day was that Noora has a significantly under developed visual nerve behind the left eye. This finding may help form part of a diagnostic picture for Noora’s presentation¬† as this problem with the eye is specifically linked with certain syndromes. Noora is going to start wearing eye patches at home to try and strengthen her left eye. It is unclear the extent of vision she has in this eye and she may even have no vision¬† on her left side.

Please pray for Noora as She is challenged to strengthen her left eye. Please pray that God opens up her vision in that eye.