Orthopedic Appointment

Today was Noora’s first hip postoperatory appointment after 3 weeks of being with a huge cast that is stopping Her from running and playing like a 5 year old girl would normally do, however we only see in her happiness and joy most of the times while being in her stroller, we are thankful to God for this soft spirit He is giving her during this time to cope with the cast. First we went to have an XR of the hip for the Doctor to see if it was still in the right position, she was a little scared with the machine and cried a little but there it was super grandma to the rescue talking to her in a soft and lovely voice to calm her down, and it worked!  I am amazed by Noora’s grandmothers love and care for her, today while we waited we talked about their sad story of running out of Mosul after da’ash (Islamic State) came in and started all that killing and war, they left houses and all commodities and belongings to go to kurdistan and have a different future for her, her husband and 6 children with their own families too, they are all finding jobs and trying to start with very few things again but in a peaceful and safe place, she has been here for some months now and even though she is needed back home she is totally committed to be with her grand daughter until the end when she can see her with a new heart and a new hip! This is real love, the kind of love that God gives us to share with others, man times today we together thank God for Noora’s healing and possibility to be here in Israel to have this two surgeries that in Kurdistan would have been almost impossible to have! Praise be to Him!

After some waiting we had our turn to see the surgeon, he was happy to see her back, looked at the XR and said that he was happy with the results of the surgery so far but reminded us that we are in the middle of the recovering time, he will see us in three weeks time to hopefully remove the cast for good, still there is a chance, he said, that after three weeks it’s not completely healed and she might need a smaller cast for some more weeks. Let’s pray for complete healing on Noora’s hip so that in three weeks everything will be perfect and ready  to have the cast removed and ready to start rehabilitation to go home soon!