Our Advocate and Comforter

Please pray for beautiful Lana; she had a blood test, which came back positive for bacteria, but did not tell what kind. They put her on antibiotics and drew more blood to identify what kind of bacteria. Tara, who was also at the hospital, really connected to Lana and her mum. She was saying that she could see the fear in Lana’s eyes. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be her comforter, and that He would protect her body from any virus that threatens her health. Going through heart surgery at thirteen is hard to imagine, and we thank God because she is doing better than expected, but sweet Lana is very scared. We love this beautiful girl and her mum, and know that God loves them even more. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is our advocate and our comforter, and it is to Him we appeal to for Lana’s health and peace.