Our beautiful Jwan is going home

Today our darling little Jwan was discharged from Sheba Hospital to Gaza. She and her sweet grandmother are going home! Her surgery to repair the coarctation of her aorta and patch a hole in her heart was successful, and even though she had a bit of trouble afterwards, God brought her safely through it all.

She is now a beautiful, healthy little girl. Like most newborns, she is doing a lot of sleeping. She seems to be able to sleep anywhere – in her hospital bed,

in my arms while walking through the hospital, and on her grandmother’s shoulder. It was so sweet to spend today with Jwan and her grandmother, and to see how much Jwan’s grandmother cares about her.

She will need to come back in one month for a follow-up echo. Praise God for this beautiful baby’s healing! Please pray He will continue to shower his blessing on her and on her family.